Why Herzhund kennels

Why Herzhund Kennels?

Herzhund Malinois

Whilst there many dog breeders in Australia, what makes us special?

Well first of all there are the genetics, you will not find better! With Military Working dogs, Schutzhund, IPO, IGP Champions, Retrieving Grand Champions, Assistance doogs and search dogs in their genes, you can be assured that you are in the right place if history is to repeat itself.

Steve Courtney IS Herzhund Kennels, Steve’s reputation for being one of the leading dog trainers for high end working dogs in Australia spreads far and wide and he is also known as an outstanding behaviourist too. This means that he has developed an outstanding puppy development system that compliments the solid genetics we have at Herzhund.

Health is a big consideration here and as well as hip and elbow testing we complete thorough blood testing to identify any genetic markers of concern or health issues. All our dogs are super healthy.

Imprinting starts on day 3 after birth with the “Super Dog” or “Bio Sensor Early Neurological Stimulation Program” to better prepare our pups for the vast differences in our world. Many studies have proven that pups that have been put through this program are more able to deal with stress and be more outgoing than other pups even from good breeding lines, but it doesn’t stop there.

Steve has a program that he teaches to many breeders on preparing young pups for working and sport careers and general life that starts right from birth which has brought him huge success.

Drive is both developed and shaped at Herzhund from the time the eyes are open into a strong reward system. Pups are taught to be independent thinkers and not competitive of one another from 5 weeks on.

The whole litter is supplement fed from as young as 3 weeks on premium supplement such as K9 Puppy Gold so that they will get the very best in nutrition and not drain the mother flat.

YES this is more work and more expensive but it is proven to produce stronger and more healthy pups with a better immune system. They are given bones from early on to help develop motor skills and how to use a paw and mouth combination to succeed, fed on a purely RAW diet and no commercial ingredients you can expect robust puppies.

Whelping rooms are quiet restful places whilst play areas are highly stimulating, noisy and radical places.

You can bet that these pups are bulletproof by the time you get them!

All pups sold are given the opportunity to attend Steve’s puppy class FREE and this class is designed for Working Line Malinois and Labradors, their handlers with the correct use of rewards and how to stimulate your high drive pup. The only pups in attendance are your litter in the purpose built course.

Herzhund Malinois