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Our litters are spoken for many times over before they are even born, if you are interested in a pup from us then register your interest now.

Waiting until they are on the ground will mean you will likely miss out.

Registering your interest is obligation free, if we don’t think there is a pup suitable for you or you change your mind, that is no problem. Register here (email us)

When you buy from us

malinois breeder australia

Herzhund Pups are healthy pups, our females are vet checked before mating, confirmed in whelp 2 – 3 weeks after mating by ultra sound and vet checked again by Ultra Sound or X ray and at 4 and 8 week terms.

Females are fed a nutritious Raw Diet (see our eBook) with appropriate supplements for development and immunity and they are kept fit and active whilst in whelp.

We only breed from dogs we feel are as good as you can get in terms of performance, structure and health.

Once puppies are whelped they are raised in a purpose built whelping room which is temperature controlled and ventilated naturally. This area and its accompanying malinois breeder australiaoutdoor run are quarantined from any other dogs that visit our facility.

The whelping room and box are kept meticulously clean from birth to 8 weeks, promoting dogs that are clean and toilet train very easily.

Pups are vet checked on day 1 of life and female also vet checked. They then go through our developmental program that has been designed by Steve Courtney, which lasts from birth until 8 weeks of age.

Steve personally spends many hours a day with the puppies, developing, imprinting and preparing them for life, he takes this on as his primary mission every day the puppies are here, and this has proven invaluable. Here is a video showing one aspect of this program, these are clearly very solid pups. (Watch video here)

This program is exclusive to Herzhund Malinois and the imprinting we do promotes high drive, environmentally stable dogs…

malinois breeder australiaBefore leaving the pups are given a structural assessment by our Structural Specialists at Animal Holistic Therapies. This is recorded on video and available to puppy buyers. They are also vet checked at least twice before leaving us, Microchipped, Vaccinated (Dr Jean Dodds recommended Schedule), wormed, bathed and temperament assessed.

We also open a Health Insurance Policy on the puppy in your name at no cost to you, this covers accidental injuries and sickness. This can be continued by you when the initial policy expiries or not, it is totally obligation and cost free to you.

All pups are ANKC Limited registered with no contractual obligations unless otherwise specified before assigning a puppy to you. No hidden details.

New puppy owners also have the option of completing Steve’s 16 week challenge. His puppy raising program by Distance education. This runs for 8 weeks after puppy leaves and malinois breeder australiaplaces in this program are highly sought after. See Herzhund Alis and her owner Naroa doing an element of Engagement this program develops. (watch the video here)

We welcome people to buy equipment from our store ( at discount rates and all pups come with an equipment pack. The last one valued at $400.00 in equipment as gifts to help pups on their way.

On the day of collection we run a FREE orientation day for those that can attend to get to know your pup and see what we have been teaching them. This day is also at no cost as is the following professional support you will receive from us.

Our dogs are bred to perform, they are not aimed at any one sport or job specifically, instead they are bred for versatility, with prey drive, hunt drive and clear heads.

malinois breeder australiaOn top of the above qualities our Malinois and Labradors are raised to be very pack driven (people orientated), which makes them perfect to live with your family, if your family is very active and find dog training an enjoyable, regular activity.

Our dogs are working line dogs that are willful, unstoppable dogs when motivated, so when you train this way you will love the speed at which they learn and how effective they are. They are not couch potatoes but can learn to enjoy down time too.

With outstanding genetics our Malinois they have strong protection instincts, hard hitting – bone crushing grips and phenomenal agility and endurance. We focus heavily on careful selection of genetics and the plan to build our bloodline into a dominating force.

Our Labradors are super gentle dogs yet driven to perform, with the right training they can be incredible companions, detection dogs, assistance and service dogs for children and great sport dogs.

Are you ready?

Click here to send us an email. Just tell us why you would like one of our pups and what your plans are and we will add you to the list that gets notified by email of all updates.