Police Service Dogs

If you are interested in obtaining a puppy from Herzhund to be a Police Service Dog, we would like to hear from you. We are developing our lines aimed at Police, Military, Sports and Protection roles and we choose our breeding dogs based on their skill sets in these fields.

Our Malinois are heard hitting dogs with incredible potential for be dual or multi purpose dogs in service. Our Labradors are very driven dogs also, of course not like a Malinois, but they are exception search dogs.

Police Service DogsWhilst many civilians believe the Police Dog is primarily to engage in combat, today’s Policing dog is a search and apprehension tool, with finding the bad guys high on the list of must do’s.

We also understand that after finding said bad guys, the dog must be supremely capable of assertively apprehending them also, so whilst biting may not be the only priority, we know that when that skill is called upon, the dog must be very good at it.

We selectively only breed dogs with exceptionally high prey and hunt drive, all of our dogs have a high natural scenting ability and have long duration even from babies.

We breed for size too! There are many breeders that are producing sub 25 kilo Malinois with very small, fine head structures, we are aiming at dogs that are the top of the breed standard with large heads. The Malinois is smaller than the German Shepherd, we don’t want them any smaller than they should be.

Our dogs are hardy, robust and stable and make excellent Police Dogs!

If your department is struggling for K9 Power, you’re in the right place.

We offer specialised imprinting programs for Departments and we can offer extended raising options at times. The pups would come to you scent imprinted, environmentally stable and bite work progressing, guaranteed!