Nordenstamm Wisdom

Nordenstamm Wisdom

Nordenstamm Wisdom

Nordenstamm Wisdom is the foundation bitch of Herzhund, she is a very athletic, driven and agile female with a strong work ethic, snappy obedience and super structure.

She has extreme prey drive and a degree of sharpness which make her an exceptional prospect for law enforcement, military or high end working / sport applications.

Wisdom is a large boned female that weighs in around 31kg (fit). She is incredible stopping power with a crushing grip.

More than happy to engage a passive target, Wisdom is a very pro active girl with strong active aggression.

Social and affectionate with her family…

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Here is some video of Wisdom, this funny video shows her skill sets (here)

Here is a video of Wisdom and her puppies in action (here)