Military Working Dog

When you think of all of the roles that are undertaken by Military Working Dogs, imagine a dog that could master any or all of those tasks? Our Malinois are extremely versatile dogs, extreme prey and hunt drive underpin a socially dominant animal that is willing to take “assertiveness” to a new level.

It is without question that the dogs we breed will engage in combat with a man.

Our Labradors are robust and driven with strong hunt drive and strong retrieving ability. With the imprinting programs we use they have very solid environmentals and are ready to go.

Military Working DogOur intensive Imprinting Program ensures that pups will trigger into drive on any surface, stable or unstable and disregard audible stressors such as gun fire, artillery, helicopter and vehicle noise etc. Imagine your next Military working Dog can do it all.

When puppies are ordered for Australian Defence Forces ore Police we will imprint the puppy on two target odours of your choice during the program

We also have options available to raise the puppy to working age available at times, we can deliver pup to you at 8, 26 or 60 weeks and the pup will receive training right through these periods. Your next Military Working Dog may come ready to go.