Malinois Personal Protection

Many people contact us as they are looking for a Personal or Family Protection Dog, our Malinois are bred with the aim of being able to work at the highest levels of combat.

Malinois Personal Protection
Venom flying attack

In our dog training and behaviour consultancy,  we are often contacted by people who have bought a dog with the aim of having it trained as a personal protection dog. Frequently when tested the dog does not have the ability to face a threat through either genetic disposition or environmental reasons.

It is without question that if you choose one of our dogs, they will be suitable for this work, but just like every soldier started out as an innocent baby, training and development is required to hone the skills our dogs possess into a useful protector.

Protection training a dog (properly) is a highly advanced skill, and that skill is much harder to find than you might think. Whilst there are endless advertisements by people who claim to be training this work, few are actually experienced, skilled and or qualified.

If you are lucky enough to acquire a dog from Herzhund, I recommend you consider training it with us also, think of what that means.

If we breed the dog and train the dog, there are no places to hide if the dog is unsuccessful…

We own and source what we feel are the best genetics in the world when it comes to the Malinois breed. Our litters are heavily imprinted and go through an extensive program from birth to 8 weeks.

Malinois Personal ProtectionWe give all puppy buyers the opportunity to partake in our Development program that runs from 8 – 16 weeks and offer future training at the highest levels at a reduced rate to all the dogs we breed.

There is still a large contribution required by the puppy owner to follow this information and give the pup extensive exposure in the first 18 months of life, failing to do this will certainly affect the working ability of the dog.

We often source adult dogs to be trained as personal protection dogs for clients who need them. When we source you an adult dog, you are buying time, this of course is more expensive than buying a puppy. When you own a Malinois Personal Protection Dog you will certainly have an effective protection solution. This is the reason that our worlds Police, Armed Forces, AFP, CIA and Secret Service (just to name a few) have chosen this breed for their work.

Buying a pup from us means we are joining forces with you to produce the best dog you will find, you like us have a vital role…