Herzhund Agent

Agent was bred from our first litter, he is sired by Steve’s personal dog Venom and it shows. Agent is a powerhouse male that has all the attributes sought after in the Malinois world.

His prey, food and hunt drive are exceptional and highly developed through Steve’s training in drive system. Defence drive on the helper provides power and engagement.

Agent has hip and elbow scores 1:1 – 0:0 to complete the package.


Arrack’s Home Idefix

Arrack's Home IdefixWe have imported semen from Arrack’s Home Idefix on ice. We have used Arrack’s Home Idefix in two matings with Wisdom with outstanding results.
If you start searching the world for the best dogs to breed with as Steve did, it lead him to Arrack’s Home Idefix. Idefix has full, deep, calm grips and has a clear head, a very powerful male that is both assertive and fearless.

Idefix is a healthy dog that passed all health requirements we have here at Herzhund, his official structure scores are HD A | ED 0 | Spondylose free. Pedigree

Nordenstamm Venom

VenomVenom is Steve’s dog, he is trained in Protection (bite suit), detection and search work. Venom is with Steve almost everywhere he goes, he is gentle with the children of the family and friends, a very social dog with a serious side if you want “play rough”.

Venom has rock solid nerves and whilst his prey drive is at the top end of “high”, he is a very balanced, robust and intelligent animal.

His stability and self control are astounding, he has great nose work, very good civil drive and suspicion and a very powerful structure.

Venom was an early maturer and has a clean, firm deep mouth grip. Pedigree | Gallery

Nordenstamm Hassan

HASSANWe have Hassan Semen on Ice. Hassan now lives in New Zealand where even as a mature dog he is cleaning up titles, Hassan (Venom’s sire) is arguably the most successful Malinois competing in Dogsports in Australia.

He needs little introduction. Hassan Pedigree


Kasper Airport Hanover

KasperKasper is one of the most sought after sires in the world. He has produced many awesome dogs and we are very excited to be able to extend Kasper’s success with Herzhund. We are eagerly waiting for the opportunity to use Kasper in our breeding!

Kasper Pedigree