Herzhund Kennels is a Labrador Breeder in Australia, a passion that Steve Courtney has for  the Labrador Retriever.

If you are not familiar with Steve’s outstanding reputation for canine training and behaviour therapy in Australia you can check out Steve’s BIO here.

Steve says I grew up with a Labrador when I was a boy, his name was boy, and incredible best friend, the best company.

When my daughter was becoming of age to be given the privilege of a dog, I sourced the best black Lab I could find for her.

Now that dog has grown into such a great dog, I want to give more people the opportunity to have access to dogs that can be their best friend, their Assistance Dog, Detection Dog or Sport Dog“

Our Labradors are confident, robust, driven, sensitive and caring. They have very strong food, prey and pack drive but are not in any way aggressive or dominant in nature.


Rosie Cheeks whelps 7 puppies 1st August 2019

Our E Litter is ON THE GROUND!

Willowspring call of the wind [IMP NZ] (Magnum) x Tapua Rosie Cheeks whelped 7 healthy big, robust puppies.

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Malinois Breeder


Hips and Elbows!

Tapua Rosie Cheeks hip and elbow scores 1:1 – 0:0 !!!


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