How we home our litters

How we home our litters

Puppy Selection

I don’t allocate puppies based on numbers, so I won’t say the litter or any puppies are sold before or even just after the pups are born. I wait until the pups are old enough for me to accurately assess their temperaments, and then I categorize the temperaments of the puppies into groups. Only then do I look at what homes I have interested in pups, and I assign puppies to the homes that will suit them best.

puppy selection
Herzhund Axel

For example if someone on my waiting list wanted a dog for ANKC obedience and the pups were all super hard dogs that would not be the most suitable dogs for sport homes, I would instead send the puppies to buyers who are looking at working the dogs in the Police or Armed Forces.

It is all about giving puppy buyers a pup that will best suit their application.

I constantly work with a huge array of dogs, belonging to everyone from all walks of life including breeders wanting to improve their progeny and I never really settle on a concept without constant development and improvement.

My puppies are imprinted, socialised and shaped by me, I allocate a lot of time each day to spend with these pups and those interested are able to keep up with progress via our “Pupdates” and “Pupcams”. Check our Herzhund Facebook page for daily Pupdates when we have a litter in development.

All puppies are imprinted with my drive concepts including markers and clicker in all drives (pack, food and prey) so that they are preconditioned should the new owner wish to use them.

The aim in these 8 weeks is VERSATILITY… I aim to shape our pups into Super Dogs that will be hard to beat in any application.

I am also aiming for BALANCE… Dogs that have extreme drive but are also balanced and can live with a family too, just like mine do.puppy selection

I will underpin the above with STABILITY… Dogs that are sound conditioned to loud and sharp sounds to help prevent any problems later down the track, Dogs that are stable in all environments and not hectic.

I have spent many years working in the field with dogs as a Qualified Dog Trainer, Canine Behaviourist and Law Enforcement Dog Trainer and through intensive research and development, have designed a program in which I use to raise pups from birth to handover and this includes (but far from limited to) the Bio Sensor program and many other Early Neurological Stimulation exercises to give all my pups the very best genetic, imprinting and environmental benefits possible.

When pups are ready to go to homes, all new owners will have the option to uptake, through my Distance Learning Package for Raising a Working or Competition Prospect Program by correspondence also FREE.

If you have been following the progress of our dogs and want a dog that is a cut above, email us your interest on (this email)

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an active best mate or a working or sport prospect, all homes will be considered but the choices will be made to benefit my pups first.