Herzhund Blaze

Herzhund Blaze of Glory

Herzhund Blaze

Herzhund Blaze is our pick of our B litter (Arrack’s Home Idefix / Nordenstamm Wisdom).

From as early as 4 weeks old she showed amazing deep mouth grips that were calm and full.

Blaze is at the top of the standard in terms of size (and drive!)

This girl has extreme prey drive with a very clear head, she has easily an accessable full complement of drives and will display prey, food, rank and defence drive without hesitation when the circumstances demand it.

This pairing highlights the best of KNPV (Royal Dutch Police Service) and IPO bloodlines, Blaze is an outanding female and we look forward to seeing what she can produce.

Social and super affectionate with her family, Blaze is also social with strangers and dogs unless commanded to be otherwise.

Blaze Pedigree | Blaze Gallery 

Here is some video of Blaze, bark and hold conditioning (here)

Here is a video of the B Litter, including parents (here)