Herzhund B Litter

Herzhund B Litter Malinois Puppies

Herzhund “B” Litter was whelped on the 26th January 2015. 

Sire: Arrack’s Home Idefix (AI)

Dam: Nordenstamm Wisdom

Wisdom whelped four viable, robust and large Malinois puppies over 4 hours.

Birth weights were above average at:

1. Male (Red ID Collar) 560 grams
2. Female (Pink ID Collar) 410 grams
3. Female (Purple ID Collar) 400 grams
4. Female (Black ID Collar) 460 grams

All puppies had doubled or exceeded double their birth weights within 6 days. All were walking by 4 days and they all have exceeded the milestone markers expected.

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