Nordenstamm Wisdom

WisdomWisdom is the foundation bitch of Herzhund, she is a very athletic, driven and agile female with a strong work ethic, snappy obedience and super structure.

She has extreme prey drive and a degree of sharpness which make her an exceptional prospect for law enforcement, military or high end working / sport applications.

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Herzhund Blaze

Blaze was our choice from the B Litter (Arrack’s Home Idefix AI x Nordenstamm Wisdom). She is a substantial sized girl (so far), with a dedicated grip and hold from 4 weeks of age. She is clear minded and intelligent. We look forward to watching her develop.

Herzhund Bandit

Bandit is also on breeders terms as she is also an outstanding girl, with extreme prey drive and large bone, we will be watching her develop also.