Exporting puppies

Our puppies are the highest quality in the world and because Australia is a very clean country (dog disease wise), the export process for puppies leaving Australia is very straight forward and simplistic.

We have sent pups to The USA,  New Zealand and South Africa and the owners have been thrilled with the process.

Exporting puppiesPuppies are available to leave their litters from 8 weeks of age but for exportation we will not fly the puppy until he or she is 12 weeks of age (minimum.)

In this time your puppy will not be sitting alone in a kennel in this critical development period, instead the puppy will be raised by our Malinois experienced puppy raiser who will enrol your puppy in our online program and raise the puppy inside his or her home like it was their own pup.

You will get access to videos and updates a number of times each week and see your puppy develop skills and grow whilst we wait for exportation.

The program includes socialisation, exposure, drive development, crate and pen training, marker training and other training orientated towards the future owners end goals.

We will handle all the paperwork and shipping details so that your puppy is transported without a hitch and we prepare your puppy for airline transport as well.

All necessary paperwork is completed and forwarded for FCI compliance as are all vaccinations and tests completed here for trouble free exportation.

We can also keep the puppy for longer periods and start other training if you need us to.

If you would like to find out more, email us on steve@k9pro.com.au