Dog Sports

We certainly have high drive, intelligent animals with ability, that is unquestionable when you see our dogs work. We have sold puppies to those wishing to compete in IPO through to ANKC Dog sports.

Today’s Obedience dog is required to have incredible focus and high drive, this with the correct training proves unbeatable on the dog sports fields of the world. There are many dogs that have high drive but are not suitable for dog sports because even though they have high drive, they lack clarity, ability and intelligence.

A flick through our you tube channel can quickly silence any questions about ability, intelligence and clarity in our own dogs or their progeny.

Our Labradors will perform at top levels when trained correctly, RATG, Obedience, Agility, Noise Work, Agility, you name it, we have the drive to win.

A Malinois though is not a learner vehicle, if you enquire about one of our pups and also ask which of the local breed dog club you should join to learn how to train your dog, a Malinois if probably not for you. If however you have topped the charts with a number of past and current dogs and you want to challenge yourself as a trainer and handler, we have the dogs.

Myth: Malinois come trained.

Answer: sure they do.

Myth: Malinois are easy to train

Answer: Malinois are easy to motivate, easy for handlers, easy for other things too.

Myth: Malinois are soft.

Answer: Malinois can be sensitive to their handlers when not yet mature, but with correct training you will see why the Law Enforcement Agencies of the world choose them.

When all is said and done, if you dream of making it to the top levels of dog sports competition, you would be hard pressed finding a better dog than ours, here is a video of one of our pups at 6 months old.