Breeding Goals

Our Breeding Goals

Working Line

Malinois and Labrador Retrievers

The Belgian Malinois needs no introduction to the working and sport world, they dominate every sport and job they are involved in, but there is more to the Malinois than just working…

breeding goalsOur Malinois are extremely people driven dogs, they have exceptional pack drive and love to spend time with people and interact with them too. Our 3 year old daughter is often found sitting reading to Venom whilst he lays there attentive to her stories of adventure, she plays ball with him and is also often found training Wisdom to drop, sit and stay using the ball as a reward.

She also plays the cutest judge in this stand for exam Video!


Many Malinois have been labelled hectic and nervy and this would not enable them to be so comfortable around people and children, you can see instantly that the genetics and environmental development programs we use create a very stable but highly driven working dog that cope well in any environment and also have an off switch.

Know and do not discount that you are looking at Steve Courtney’s dogs here and his children, Steve is a 30 year veteran dog trainer and behaviourist and much of what you see is his teaching of the dogs too.

Drive with Stability is something we strive at in our dogs as a breeding goal and careful selection and development has led us to have what we believe are the Premium Malinois in Australia.

Strong willed dogs with extreme hunt drive that will take guidance and direction from the handler without conflict, strong nerves with awesome prey drive that lends itself to make a highly trainable and reliable working dog.

Healthy dogs with no genetic defects that have clarity in their mind and choices they make, clear headed working dogs with no behavioural downfalls.

Crushing grips on the bite suit and sleeve but still gentle enough to play with a 3 year old girl…

BALANCE… That is our breeding goal.

Some breeders have only the goal to breed litter after litter and sell puppies.

Labradors Retrievers

Steve grew up with a Labrador named “Boy”, and he feels the Labrador makes the best pet for children young and not so young. A dog that loves to swim, fetch, hang out and swap attention with you, you wont find a more stable dog than ours.

They make exceptional companions but also very good working dogs, with great prey, hunt and food drive they can learn to perform at very high levels exceeding what law enforcement and military need.

Their gentle nature mean they also make exception service dogs for those who need emotional support, Autism support dogs and other avenues of assistant dogs.