Assistance Dog

A very capable trainer can most certainly train a Malinois to be their Assistance Dog, but t is certainly a lot more work and also requires more skill than if you chose one of our Labradors.

Our Labradors are very gentle, non invasive dogs that have a strong desire to please and help.  They are not aggressive in any way and can certainly get along very well with a normal amount of exercise.

They are very handler focused and will certainly provide much needed support for Assistance. Greatly adaptable for roles to assist with Austism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and medical conditions, these are very sweet dogs.

We offer training which can help you develop your puppy to meet you exact needs, help you with certification and access tests.

Our Labs are also robust and have solid nerve so they don’t frighten easily or lash out and bite when stressed.

Born and raised with our children, they will love and take care of yours.

Assistance dog trainers inquiries welcome