Steve and Alison Courtney

About Us

Steve and Alison Courtney own Herzhund Kennels, this is a little about us.

Steve Courtney is the trainer and behaviourist at K9 Pro, The K9 Professionals and Steve has been working, training and breeding dogs most of his life. Steve is a Nationally Accredited Dog Trainer, Nationally Accredited Behaviourist and Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Dog Trainer. See our dedicated website here Steve Courtney Dog Training.

Steve’s passion is dogs and he loves the high drive power of the Belgian Malinois, having owned many breeds including German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labradors, Golden Retriever etc Steve has really enjoyed stepping up with the Mals!

Steve grew up with a Labrador when he was a child, this is the reason we have added Labradors to our kennels, to provide high end working dogs with the Malinois and the more placid and gentle non aggressive Labrador Retriever.

The Labrador genetics at Herzhund are working Labradors, with solid prey, hunt and food drive, yet gentle in nature. They make excellent sport and hunting dogs and also very good pets and fill assistance roles well.

Alison Courtney is the Manager and brains of K9 Pro, The K9 Professionals, she runs the logistics, admin and most of our equipment manufacturing and sales, which keep her very busy! See our online store here K9 Pro Online Store.

Both Steve and Alison love dogs and you will see that coming out in our dogs.

Herzhund Kennels are located in the Hawkesbury region of New South Wales Australia, we ship dogs all over the world.