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Herzhund is a Working Line Malinois Breeder in Australia, the passion that Steve Courtney has for dogs rolled into his breed of choice, the Belgian Malinois…

If you are not familiar with Steve’s outstanding reputation for canine training and behaviour therapy in Australia you can check out Steve’s BIO here.

Steve says “I want to breed the best Malinois in Australia and beyond, and by best I mean versatile. If you want a dog that will be your partner, your defender and your life long friend and can dominate the competition field by day or a working dog that easily outperforms other dogs in every aspect, my balanced Malinois are going to be hard to beat.

Our Malinois pups are not a super hard dogs that need a heavy hand, they are respectful and affectionate to their owners yet fierce protectors when properly trained. They learn new tasks at lightning speed and will appeal to those that enjoy training dogs or need dogs that will perform at an incredible level, consistently, day in and day out.


Our D Litter is in planning!

We have access to what we believe are the best dogs for our purposes world wide, right at our finger tips, we are just deciding which will be the next Sire we use.

Our pups are highly sought after Internationally as we have pups in New Zealand, New York, South Africa and all parts of Australia.

We choose specific bloodlines to generate dogs with incredable abilities.

If your ready to own one of our very special pups, email us with your interest and we will get right back to you.

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Malinois Breeder


Hips and Elbows!

Herzhund Brannox (living in South Africa) has been hip and elbow tested with perfect A1 / 00 scores.

See him in action here!


If you are interested in our outstanding Malinois Pups, look at this page for more details on how to register your interest so you can receive the latest updates.

Is it your time to spoil yourself with the dog of your life?

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The Team @ Herzhund Malinois